PHD in China
Kiyomizu-dera in Kyoto
Hanami Under Sakura Trees
The famous torii at Itsukushima Shrine
Girls in Kimono Dress
Yamagasa Festival, Fukuoka
Matsumoto Castle
A most famous stronghold that has endured for 700 years.
Students in Japanese School
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study in japan
study in japan
Japanese Culture

>瀬戸アカデミーのホームページを訪問していただきありがとうございます。私たちの学校は、日本語や日本研究のための明確なビジョンを持って設立されました。学生が日本へ留学するために必要な日本語と日本文化を学べるよう様々なコースを用... Read More




Rakesh Tamang
I love the classes at SETO. Learning Japanese is like learning a new life and the Japanese Sensei is interesting and inspiring.
Gokul Sunar
I would recommend all aspiring students to come to Japan both for studies and learning life-related skills. Undoubtedly, SETO is the best in Nepal to cater the best services.
Tara Lama
The thing I liked very much about SETO ACADEMY was the good environment for learning Japanese. Plus, study counseling was very practical and valuable. Thanks to all the people at SETO that now I am studying and enjoying my living in Japan.
Anuradha Ghale
I love the Japanese Sensei, Satoko San. She is very resourceful and helpful.
Sameer Adhikari
My happy study and living here in Japan now is all credited to the qualitative guidance of SETO. Thank you so much.
Sangita Dhakal
My Japanese learning experience at this academy is awesome. Thank you SETO
Sanjeev Adhikari
When I first came to my Gakko here in Fukuoka this January, I couldn't find much difference in the classroom environment. SETO has all the infrastructures to deliver quality Japanese classes.
Suren Gururng
Regular cultural programs including Japanese movies and documentary help me understand Japan more effectively at SETO. Also, I like its facilities of Self-learning Lab and library, which are very rare in other Japanese language institutes in town.
Sumanta Suhang
All sensei of SETO are so friendly and inspiring. SETO is best for learning Japanese language. Thank you SETO for such a good memories.
Anamika Ghale
The experience of learning Japanese Language in SETO is the best. I'm very happy that I choose SETO for studying Japanese Language. Students who are willing to learn Japanese Language, SETO is the best destination for you guys.