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Kiyomizu-dera in Kyoto
Hanami Under Sakura Trees
The famous torii at Itsukushima Shrine
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Yamagasa Festival, Fukuoka
Matsumoto Castle
A most famous stronghold that has endured for 700 years.
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Study in Japan

Japan being one of the major economic pillars of the world has had the top level of development in technology, trade, education, and health and overall. Studying in Japan will give this opportunity to all foreign students to see this advancement of life. Undoubtedly, students can get the best industrial expertise in the courses of IT, engineering, mechanics, design, business and trade, hospitality and so on many other subjects. Also, working in various fields of their interest and education after the completion of their university degrees is one reason why many foreign students join colleges/universities in Japan.

Compared to the UK, USA, Australia, education cost in Japan is more affordable in general. The cost of attending most of the Japanese universities falls between 500,000 and 1,000,000 Yen. Besides, for brilliant and sincere students, there are provisions of huge scholarship and grants. As per the statistics, around 5% foreign students receive good amount of scholarship to study various subject in Japanese institutions.

Above all, living in Japan gives the students a great opportunity to learn and understand probably the most humble culture and industrious people in the world. Japan has its fame in the world for its exotic and interesting cultures, while Japanese people are self-desciplined, hardworking, polite and humble in their nature. A closure look to Japanese people and their culture will benefit the foreign students with remarkable positive traits of life. While back home, students do not only come along with university degree, but also nurtured habit and interest for work and pride.

Why study in Japan?

As per the surve with multiple options, conducted by JASSO in 2009, the following reasons were found among international students:

  1. 1. Interested in Japanese society and wanted to live in Japan. 53.1 %
  2. 2. Wanted to learn Japanese and Japanese culture. 46.4 %
  3. 3. Felt education and research in Japanese universities are attractive 33.2 %
  4. 4. Wanted to work in a Japan-related profession. 29.3 %
  5. 5. Recommended by friends, acquaintances and family members. 26.4 %
  6. 6. Offered studies in a particular field of interest. 25.1 %
  7. 7. Wanted to experience a different culture. 22.3 %
  8. 8. Geographically close to Japan. 21.1 %
  9. 9. Recommended through the Inter-University Exchange Agreement. 4.7 %
  10. 10. Received scholarship. 4.0 %