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Kiyomizu-dera in Kyoto
Hanami Under Sakura Trees
The famous torii at Itsukushima Shrine
Girls in Kimono Dress
Yamagasa Festival, Fukuoka
Matsumoto Castle
A most famous stronghold that has endured for 700 years.
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Japanese Language Course

At Seto Academy, we provide qualitative Japanese language courses in various levels. We have trained and experienced native Japanese instructors. We provide up-to-date teaching materials and believe in learning through participations of our students. Our classes are both academically and socially oriented. Our courses help you understand Japan language effectively and build up your confidence about Japanese people and their rich culture.

Japanese Test Preparation Courses

We prepare intensive courses of JLPT, NAT and EJU, all of which are requirements of entering good institutions in Japan, while in some places like Tokyo, Osaka and Nagoya, they may be required in order to get a Certificate-of-Eligibility approval from the respective Immigration Bureau of Japan. Our test preparation courses are skill based. We believe in the rigorous and technical practice of the tests. They boost the confidence of our students to attend the test successfully.

Career Counseling for Study Abroad

Our expert student counselors will provide professional career counseling to the students and visitors. Choosing the right course of studies in right institution in right place and time of the year is the fundamental and most important decision all students should make. We make sure you get the best possible options according to your academic background, financial status and personal preferences and goals.

Placement in Schools/Colleges/Universities

With your confirmation after our career counseling sessions, we help you get admitted to a school, college or university of the best possible option. Our procedures are fair and transparent so you are fully acknowledged of the various steps of this process. We help you meet or/and interact with the faculties or representatives of the institutions for further orientation.

Scholarship Assistance

We always value academic excellence of our students and want all bright students be rewarded with scholarship. As their education consultant, we assist them to receive various government or/and private scholarship as available in different sessions or fiscal year in Japanese schools, colleges and universities.

Translation Work

As an academic institution of Japanese language, we provide the professional service of translation from both English-to-Japanese and Japanese-to-English. Our translation is contextual and accurate, not word-for-word and mechanical. We make sure the effectiveness and appropriateness of language use and keep the essence of cross-cultural communication while translating or interpreting one language to the other.

Documentation and Visa Application Services

As your education consultant, we guide the required documents for COE approval as well as visa application as per the rules of the immigration. Our student counselors firmly stand the professional and ethical understanding of the immigration procedures and try to make sure you meet all possible criteria or requirement for the approval.