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Kiyomizu-dera in Kyoto
Hanami Under Sakura Trees
The famous torii at Itsukushima Shrine
Girls in Kimono Dress
Yamagasa Festival, Fukuoka
Matsumoto Castle
A most famous stronghold that has endured for 700 years.
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>瀬戸アカデミーのホームページを訪問していただきありがとうございます。私たちの学校は、日本語や日本研究のための明確なビジョンを持って設立されました。学生が日本へ留学するために必要な日本語と日本文化を学べるよう様々なコースを用... Read More




We are glad that you have chosen to visit us. It is our immense pleasure to welcome you to SETO ACADEMY, a leading education consultancy that offers language and test preparation as well as university placement services in Japan and China.
SETO Academy was conceived and incorporated as a private education institute registered and approved by the Government of Nepal. It has been granted a license to conduct language courses and provide study abroad consultancy services to aspiring study-abroad goers by the Ministry of Education, Nepal. It was established by the noble efforts and endeavors of a group of dedicated academic and managerial professionals.
At SETO ACADEMY, now we offer various academic courses of Japanese language and culture, as coordinated by Native Japanese Language instructors. Also, we have added Chinese language and HSK preparation courses. Our students will explore vast arrays of learning resources including daily audio and visual materials. They not only get exposed to the well-organized and suitably-tailored presentation of native speakers in lecture sessions, but also try to consolidate their learning during tutorials where they will engage in various learning materials like games and interaction. Similarly, we provide intensive courses of test preparation like JLPT, NAT, HSK, and EJU, for the students to get enrolled in good colleges and universities in Japan and China. Our courses will help students prepare for their test confidently and successfully, with the regular mock tests and vigorous practice under the strict invigilation of the instructors.
Finally, we assist aspirant students to enroll in the college or university of their choice in many different locations in Japan. For, China, we assist students to apply for CSC Scholarship, Provincial Scholarship and University Scholarship. Our students may have choices to either study in English language and Japanese or Chinese language. We assist our students to organize their documents for further visa application. There is also a provision for scholarship and grants for eligible and brilliant students who can apply with our professional assistance. Once they land in Japan and China, it is also our responsibility that they are studying well and living happily. We visit our partner schools regularly and always keep in touch with our students studying there.
We believe we can provide you the best possible service for learning Japanese and Chinese language and further studies in Japan and China respectively.

Our Salient Features

  • • Standard course curriculum designed by the university faculty in Japan and taught by   licensed Japanese instructors.
  • • Frequently scheduled cultural orientation programs (movies, documentaries, oral   presentation, discussion and small talk with Japanese people).
  • • Well-furnished class rooms with audio and video materials.
  • • All rooms are fully air-conditioned and well-lighted, with strong backup.
  • • Self-learning library with ample learning materials and facilities of E-library using laptops.
  • • Regular assessment and tests to check the students’ progress.
  • • Value-guided counseling on choosing subjects, courses and locations in Japan.
  • • Accurate documentation and genuine preparation for study applications.
  • • We provide assistance of expertise in language and cultural research.